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Boost Your Employability with a Free Typing Certification Test from India Typing.

In today’s digital age, typing skills have become a prerequisite for numerous job opportunities. To prove your typing skills to potential employers, you can obtain a free typing certification from India Typing. The certification is issued based on your typing speed and accuracy, and it is recognized by employers across India.

What is a Typing Certificate?

A typing certificate is a document that confirms a candidate’s typing skills, including typing speed and accuracy. It is awarded to individuals who have passed a typing skill test. India Typing provides a free typing certification test, which is recognized by various companies and organizations.

Criteria for Obtaining a Typing Certificate

To obtain a typing certificate from India Typing, you must achieve a typing speed of 25 words per minute with 80% accuracy. You need to take a 10-minute test to qualify for the certificate.

Types of Typing Certification Tests

India Typing provides four different typing certification tests, including:

  1. English Typing Certification Test
  2. Hindi Typing Certification Test (Krutidev/ Devlys)
  3. Hindi Typing Certification Test (Inscription)
  4. Hindi Typing Certification Test (Remington Gail)

Benefits of a Typing Certificate

A typing certificate can increase your employability by demonstrating your typing skills to potential employers. You can add your certificate to your resume or CV, giving you an edge over other job seekers.

Verification and Reprinting of Typing Certificate

You can verify the authenticity of your typing certificate by entering the certificate number on the India Typing website. You can also reprint your certificate by using the certificate number. However, if you have lost your certificate number, you will have to retake the test to obtain a new certificate.


Obtaining a free typing certification from India Typing is an excellent way to showcase your typing skills and increase employability. The certificate is recognized by employers across India and can be used to apply for various typing jobs. So, take the typing certification test today and enhance your job prospects!

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