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Hello Techies/ Learners, there is a great opportunity for everyone to get Free Google Certification Courses from Coursera. Coursera, India’s largest platform, an education platform, or education portal, open for everyone which releases thousands of free courses, provides industry-level experts free courses, in-demand courses, the most advanced technology, loads of courses from approved universities from the US, provides a great opportunity for every student, high school students, college students, of every branch, every domain.

Recently, Coursera releases Google IT Automation with Python Professional Certification courses totally free of cost✅✅✅. Great Opportunity to explore your skills and knowledge from Coursera education. Advanced your skills, gain some premium knowledge with fewer efforts, learn the latest technologies, gadgets and expand your knowledge.

About this Professional Certificate

This Google-developed beginner-level six-course certificate is meant to educate IT workers with in-demand skills such as Python, Git, and IT automation that can help you grow your career. Anyone working in IT should be able to write code to address problems and automate solutions. Employers have declared Python to be the most in-demand programming language. This program will help you advance your career by building on your IT roots. It is intended to teach you how to write in Python and how to automate typical system administration activities with Python. You’ll also learn how to use Git and GitHub, diagnose and debug complicated problems, and use configuration management and the Cloud to automate at scale. This certificate is meant to prepare you for a variety of IT careers, such as more advanced IT Support Specialist or Junior Systems Administrator positions, and can be completed in roughly 6 months. You can share your information with possible employers such as Walmart, Sprint, Hulu, Bank of America, Google (of course! ), and others once you’ve finished. We recommend that you install Python on your computer. For some courses, you’ll need a computer on which you can install Git or have it installed for you by your administrator. Check out the entry-level Google IT Assistance Professional Certificate if you want to learn the basics of IT support. Here is a list of all Google Career Certificates.


Course 1: Crash Course on Python
– Google is providing this service. This course will teach you the fundamentals of Python programming so that you can develop simple programs using the most standard… Enrollment is completely free.

Course 2: Using Python to interact with the Operating System
– Google is providing this service. You’ll be able to alter files and processes on your computer’s operating system at the end of this course. You’re going to… Enrollment is completely free.

Course 3: Introduction to Git and GitHub
– Google is providing this service. This course will teach you how to use a version control system to keep track of different versions of your code and configuration files. Enrollment is completely free.

Course 4: Troubleshooting and Debugging Techniques
– Google is providing this service. We’ll offer you the tools to swiftly recognize and address real-world problems you might encounter in this course… Enrollment is completely free.

Course 5: Configuration Management and the Cloud
– Google is providing this service. This course will teach you how to use automation to manage computer fleets. You’ll learn how to automate the process… Enrollment is completely free.

Course 6: Automating Real-World Tasks with Python
-Google is providing this service. We’ll weave together the principles you’ve learned so far in the final course. You’ll work through real-life scenarios… Enrollment is completely free.


  • Write Python scripts to automate tasks.
  • For version management, use Git and GitHub.
  • Manage IT resources at a large scale, including both physical and virtual machines in the cloud.
  • Analyze real-world IT issues and put suitable solutions in place to tackle them.


  • Using Version Control
  • Troubleshooting & Debugging
  • Python Programming
  • Configuration Management
  • Automation
  • Basic Python Data Structures
  • Fundamental Programming Concepts
  • Basic Python Syntax
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Setting up your Development Environment
  • Regular Expression (REGEX)
  • Testing in Python

Applied Learning Project

You’ll learn to program in Python without any prior coding experience, and you’ll utilize Python to automate typical system administration activities.

To analyze and debug difficult problems, learn how to use Git and GitHub.

Using configuration management and the Cloud, automate at scale.

Hands-on projects will help you hone your technical skills, including a capstone project in which you’ll use what you’ve learned to address a real-world IT problem.

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