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Hello Learners/Tech Enthusiasts, this post is to inform you about the biggest opportunity for everyone to get premium courses for free of cost Gain some premium knowledge with less effort, and advance your technical skills. Experience the Premium difference by taking the courses below, for free and grow your career by learning about emerging and trending technologies by top professionals and industry experts. Learn these massive open online courses and get job-ready skills.

About Infosys SpringBoard

Infosys Springboard is a digital reskilling initiative launched by Indian IT firm, Infosys to reach over 10 million students and professionals by 2025. In partnership with Coursera and Learnship, Infosys Springboard has developed a set of free premium courses. This platform will also provide vocational and soft skills training in addition to programming challenges and practice areas.

Infosys Springboard offers a wealthy virtual platform for students from Class 6 to lifelong learners, based on an IT company, which enables enterprise-class learning experiences on any device, with closer education and training collaboration.

In cooperation with world-class digital educators such as Coursera & Learnship, Infosys has developed the curriculum and, as the company’s official statement states, it is also entirely linked with Indian National Education policy 2020.

Eligibility Criteria/Qualifications Required

The free online courses are open to everyone. Corporate learning experiences are offered to students, from university students to professionals and adults, in these premium courses. Students at College might come from any degree or college.


Yeah, Infosys Springboard and Coursera will provide all students with free verified premium certificates.

How to Apply?

How do I use it?

  • Make your Infosys Springboard account at first. Either through Gmail or through Google to login.
  • Click on the “Infosys Springboard’s Coursera’s banner now.”
  • Over 496 free premium courses will be given to you. Choose your chosen course.
  • Click “Start” now. You will be redirected to a new “Coursera” window.
  • Make a new account now when you first use Coursera. Make sure that your account is not tied to a university if you are an existing user.
  • Complete your basic details and ensure that you are over 18 years old.
  • To learn, click on “Join Program.”

What type of Courses you will get?

You will get courses on trending technologies like Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Hadoop, Programming languages such as C, C++, Java or Python, etc., React js, Web Development free courses, etc. And from these online courses, you will get digital skills about modern technology, and increase your problem-solving skills, analytical skills, etc.

You will also get courses on life skills and behavioral skills, lifelong learning, and continuous education, improve your communication skills and spoken English.

“Digital Literacy” is the skills require to achieve digital competence and the Confident and critical use of ICT for work, leisure, learning and communication.

Why Digital Literacy?

Learners can make use of Infosys’ 4 decades’ expertise and experience as a company. Our partners and leading universities throughout the world bring quality content as well. Content is connected with the 2020 policy on new education. Comprises soft talents and professional qualifications.

Teacher- collaborative integrated platform, a tool for commitment, polls, mind mapping tools, telemetry access. Video evaluation platform proctored.

School – Customized landing page, integrated view of Time table, Orgwide Telemetry, increased student engagement, Enhanced Visibility.

Volunteer – Opportunity to contribute content, Translation of Quality content to regional languages which will have nationwide impact, Involvement in expert sessions, Access to Pools of a homogeneous group of students.

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