Game Development Certificate|Build An E-Sports Fantasy Gaming App Using System Design

About this Masterclass

Mastering System Design is an important part of adding a ladder to the next level. Leading technology companies are looking for industries that can demonstrate their expertise when it comes to System Design. This session, with Mohit Yadav, SDE ex at Nutanix and Disney + Hotstar to help you grow your career by learning how to create your own great gaming program.

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Get to Know Your Teacher (LinkedIn):

  • Infra built to input data at 1TB / day in Nutanix
  • Personal experience for over 300 million Disney + Hotstar users
  • Leading Leader at Scaler Academy

What You Can Find:

  • How it works to score goals in the E-Sports Fantasy Gaming app
  • Framework approach to System Design problems
  • Different types of temporary storage methods

Outside Wide:

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Note: This Masterclass is designed for practicing professionals with at least six months of work experience.

Certificates: All attendees receive certificates from Anshuman Singh and Scaler Academy! Please be careful when entering your details when registering as they will go to your certificates

Before you watch on Youtube: Here are some short-sighted videos to enjoy and at the same time read or re-visit some of the most important topics that will be featured in this Masterclass. It is completely free and comes with exercises approved by our students at Scaler Academy.

  • Horizontal and vertical ratings:
  • Load Rate:
  • CAP theorem:
  • Cached:
  • Designing Relationship Information Schema:

About Scaler Academy
Many engineers (like us!) Get into software engineering almost by mistake, are exposed to ‘old’ teaching methods and are taught ‘content’ content. This creates gaps in CS learning for developers, giving them confidence and preventing them from speeding up their work.

  • Scaler Academy is designed for engineers to better understand the basics of CS (DSA & System Design) and to do their work at the next level, with:
  • Organized, directed curriculum and industry curriculum
  • Live classes with the wisdom of the past, they do that
  • Standard 1: 1 training from industry veterans
  • Practical experience with real life projects
  • Career support through a dedicated recruiting team, alumni network, etc.
  • An aspirational peer group of 3,500+ Scaler & alumni students
  • We have introduced 3 solutions – Advanced DSA, Concurrent Programming, and Management Management to help you further accelerate your professional career. This will be taught at the end of the lesson, and can be chosen entirely. However, they do provide an in-depth understanding of sensitive topics, so we strongly advise you to choose them!
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