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Hello Everyone, this post is to inform you about the Free Python Certification courses for beginners, launched by Saylor Academy. Saylor Academy is a free education portal, the best education platform, providing the best free online courses with free certification releasing new latest best courses on emerging and trending technologies and programming languages. Recently, it releases a Python tutorial for beginners/python class/python for beginners/python for everybody courses for everyone with printable e-certificate for totally free of cost

About the Course

This course uses the Python 3 programming language to introduce essential programming principles. Python 3 is a high-level interpreted language with several advantages, including syntax that is simple to understand and write and strong libraries that provide functionality. Even while Python 3 is a fantastic programming language for beginners, it is also widely utilized in engineering and data science applications. This course is designed for people who have never programmed before or have very little programming expertise. Data types, control flow, functions, file operations, and object-oriented programming are among the subjects covered. When you’ve completed this course.

A primer on programming and the Python programming language Students learn about data structures, conditionals, loops, variables, and functions, among other programming concepts. This course gives students a fast overview of the many tools available for writing and running Python code. It also includes hands-on coding assignments that include developing custom functions, reading and writing to files, and using commonly used data structures. Because it digs deeper into certain important programming principles, this course may be more robust than some other beginner python courses.

NameIntroduction to Python
Duration36:00 hours
AvailabilityAvailable full time
Certification Availability from Knowledge PartnerAvailable

There are total 10 modules in this course :

  • Unit 1: Introduction to Python 3
  • Unit 2: Operators
  • Unit 3: Input and Flow Control Statements
  • Unit 4: Data Structures I – Lists and Strings
  • Unit 5: Functions
  • Unit 6: Basic Data Structures II – Tuples, Sets and Dictionaries
  • Unit 7: File Handling
  • Unit 8: Regular Expressions
  • Unit 9: Exception Handling
  • Unit 10: Object-Oriented Programming

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  • Identify core aspects of programming and features of the Python language
  • Understand and apply core programming concepts like data structures, conditionals, loops, variables, and functions
  • Use different tools for writing and running Python code
  • Design and write fully-functional Python programs using commonly used data structures, custom functions, and reading and writing to files


  • Python Tools/Python Data
  • Python Syntax And Semantics
  • Programming Principles
  • Python Programming
  • Computer Programming

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And there’s a final certification exam:

You must get a 70% or higher mark on this final exam to receive a free Course Completion Certificate. As soon as you finish the exam, your grade will be calculated. If you do not pass the exam on your first attempt, you may retake it as many times as you like, with a seven-day gap between each attempt.

This Introduction To Python programming tutorial is the best tutorial for beginners who wants to learn a language. Learn python fundamentals with Saylor Academy at eduskill free learning website. You will be given a free Course Completion Certificate if you pass this final exam.

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