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Hello Everyone, there is a great opportunity for everyone to explore their skills in the IT project management course, recently launched by Linkedin Learning, a great learning platform to explore your skills and showcase your skills. It’s a certificate course in project management, Humber college project management course, software project management course. It’s a professional course, a project management certification course from Linkedin.

Project management is a set of practices that anyone may use to attain their objectives and improve the success of their initiatives. Small, uncomplicated projects, as well as complex enterprise-wide initiatives, can all benefit from project management. Bonnie Biafore has always been interested in how things function and how they may be improved. She covers the basics of project management in this course, from setting project goals and objectives and creating a project plan to managing resources and tasks, meeting deadlines, and closing the project. She offers advice on how to communicate, organize meetings, keep a project on track, and earn client acceptance along the way. Based on a healthcare/IT case study project, this course includes activities for the majority of the videos.



  • Deliver successful projects
  • What you should know

1. Get to Know Project Management

  • What is a project?
  • What is project management?
  • What it takes to be a project manager
  • The project management life cycle
  • Traditional vs. agile project management
  • How organizational structure affects projects
  • How organizational culture affects projects
  • Project management software options
  • Challenge: Organization

2. First Things First

  • Initiate a project
  • Identify project stakeholders
  • Analyze project stakeholders
  • Identify the project goal
  • Define project objectives
  • Choose a strategy
  • Gather requirements
  • Identify project deliverables and success criteria
  • Identify project assumptions and risks
  • Prepare a project scope statement
  • Create a project charter
  • Challenge: Project charter

3. Develop a Project Plan

  • Project planning overview
  • What is a work breakdown structure?
  • Build a work breakdown structure
  • How to create work packages
  • Estimate time and cost
  • How to choose the best estimate
  • Create a resource management plan
  • Build a project schedule
  • Develop a project budget
  • Identify risks
  • Create a risk management plan
  • Set up a communication plan
  • Develop a quality plan
  • How to set up a change management plan
  • How to plan procurement
  • Processes for procuring resources
  • How to obtain approval to proceed
  • Challenge: Change

4. Build a Project Schedule

  • Put tasks in sequence
  • How to assign resources to tasks
  • Learn to use milestones
  • Make a realistic schedule
  • Understand the critical path
  • Understand the critical chain method
  • How to shorten a schedule
  • Document the baseline
  • Challenge: Network diagram

5. An Overview of Agile Project Management

  • What is agile project management?
  • The agile project management life cycle
  • Plan an iteration
  • Manage the explore stage
  • Handle the adapt and close stages
  • Challenge: Agile

6. While You Run the Project

  • How to run a project
  • Techniques for communicating effectively
  • Run effective meetings
  • Challenge: Agenda

7. Work with Teams

  • Manage team resources
  • Understand team dynamics
  • How to manage virtual teams
  • How to manage technical teams
  • Challenge: Team

8. Monitor and Control Progress and Performance

  • How to gather data
  • How to manage project change
  • Learn how to manage project scope
  • Monitor and control risks
  • Understand earned value analysis
  • Evaluate progress
  • Learn how to solve problems
  • How to get a project back on track
  • Challenge: Change request

9. Close a Project

  • Close a project
  • How to obtain customer acceptance
  • Document lessons learned
  • How to prepare a close-out report
  • Learn how to close and transition projects
  • Challenge: Acceptance
  • Next steps

Who can join this Course?

Any engineer, developer, programmer, who wants to improve their Programming Skills
Anyone interested in improving their whiteboard coding skills
Anyone who wants to become a Software Engineer, SDE, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, etc.
Any students in college who want to start a career in Data Science
Students who have at least high school knowledge in math and who want to start learning data structures
Any self-taught programmer who missed out on a computer science degree.
Anyone who is interested in Project Management.


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