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Technology has been rapidly transforming the way we experience the world, with new and innovative disruptive ideas appearing in every aspect of our life. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us, and everything is becoming increasingly hyper-connected and smart. The key indication of a country’s growth and progress is innovation.

Governments all around the world are paying special attention to it and are taking all necessary steps to instil and sustain innovative abilities in young people.

With various programmes, India has taken the lead in this field, allowing young people to express their ideas and become youthful innovators. The beginning of this drive was the Digital India movement, which made data available to everyone; as a result, India today has the highest mobile data usage in the world, with data available at the lowest price. India’s digital infrastructure has grown rapidly in recent years, with the government leading the way with initiatives like as Aadhaar, UPI, e-NAM, and GeM.

Taking this momentum even further, the Indian government is showing a lot of interest and importance in making the most of the benefits of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Efforts are being made at various levels to emphasise the importance of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, the internet of things, blockchain, big data, and other similar technologies, as well as how they can be of great assistance in various sectors such as agriculture, transportation, healthcare, education, smart mobility, and so on.

To fully utilise this opportunity and propel our country forward, it is critical to focus on preparing youth to broaden their horizons and provide them with platforms to become aware of problems and challenges in and around their immediate surroundings, as well as equipping them with the skills to develop local solutions using appropriate technologies.

One such initiative is the national challenge ‘Ideate for India – Creative Solutions Using Technology,’ organised by the National eGovernance Division of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of the Government of India and Intel India to raise awareness and teach future citizens how they can participate and contribute to this movement.

The goal of the challenge is to teach young kids about the value of technology and provide them with a platform where they may be innovators.

In a nutshell, the challenge encourages students to discover problems in and around them and then use technology to solve them. Students will be supported through this process using online learning resources, face-to-face boot camps, and mentoring from tech specialists, among other things. Please go here to learn more about the challenge.

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