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Digital ​​Crime Branch Ahmedabad has recorded a temporary job application for a network protection space. A warm welcome from the Cyber ​​Crime police headquarters, Crime Branch Ahmedabad City, Gujarat Cyber ​​Crime Branch is a police power in Gujarat, India, to manage cybercrime, and to implement the arrangement of the Information Technology Act, to be specific, The Information Technology Act, 2000, and different arrangements. identified with digital wrongdoing violations of criminal law, including the Indian Penal Code, and the Indian Companies Act to ensure network protection. The Cyber ​​Criminal Investigation Cell is essential for the Crime Branch. The Cyber ​​Crime Branch might want to stretch out the proposition to your college/school, the understudy learning educational program. This specific advantage benefits understudies while likewise profiting our Branch. We are glad to have large numbers of you from Universities altogether nations.


  • work with a proficient and dynamic group.
  • the securing of pragmatic abilities
  • to acquire insight
  • to improve information
  • Endorsement of the fulfillment of understudy preparing by senior cops.
  • Discover more about Cyber ​​Law and cyberspace.
  • Gain strength through preparing on digital gadgets and different mechanical highlights of the digital world.
  • One-on-one meeting with complainants.
  • The chance to acquire reasonable information in the field of computerized areas.

Competitors are not qualified

  • Applies just to Indian Countries.
  • The entry-level position is available to understudies from notable establishments and colleges where accessible
  • Understudies who can be put close by are not qualified _ qualified
  • PROPERTY * third year of Bachelor of Laws degree (three years after graduation) or * Final year of these five joined Law contemplates. LLM in Cyber ​​Laws, last year understudies seeking a Bachelor of Computer Application Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science and Technology. * Bachelor of Technology in Computer Network
  • Projects. BSc in Computer Science,
  • Become a PC engineer.
  • BSc IT
  • MSC | T.
  • Expert in Computer Application.
  • Each student is needed to give a Statement of Purpose expressing their advantage in the preparation.
  • There will be a short accommodation measure for the arrangement of the Information Technology Act, 2000 on the principal day of the Internship.
  • Chosen understudies will be shipped off different groups at Polke Station where the work will be allowed to them under the oversight/management of the authorities doled out to them.
  • Toward the finish of the temporary position, each understudy will make an introduction to their work during the entry-level position without a declaration to be given.
  • Students are required to keep time and dependability. noncompliance that will prompt the end of
  • preparing.
  • A temporary position is a full-time program so working understudies need to hope to work six to seven hours around,
  • Any nonappearance during work hours can prompt an expansion in preparing time. Profession preparing can be ended whenever if the understudy’s presentation isn’t viewed as good or the understudy is missing without the direction of the guide.
  • Authentications will be granted to understudies upon the effective finish of their Internship.
  • No allowance will be given to any of the understudies.
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