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About IIT Bombay’s Techfest:

The annual Science and Technology event at IIT Bombay is known as Techfest. With a footfall of over 1,75,000 people and a huge social media reach of over 3 million Facebook followers, Techfest is firmly established as Asia’s Largest Science and Technology Festival under the auspices of UNESCO, UNICEF, Make in India, Digital India, SAYEN, and CEE. We serve as a forum to promote science and technology, with a reach of over 2500 Indian and international colleges.

Techfest is run exclusively by IIT Bombay students, with a three-tiered team structure. The core committee is made up of 24 people, including two overall coordinators and 22 managers. To organize and manage the magnificent spectacle known as Techfest, a team of over 800 Coordinators and Organisers work with their respective Managers, as well as about 9300 Indian College Ambassadors dispersed across India.

The College Ambassador Program is comprised of the following components:

Techfest’s backbone is the CA Program. We at Techfest want to reach out to college students all over the world, pique their interest in science and technology fields, and give them a place to pursue it. This vision is made possible by the CA Program. The CAs learn about social media and marketing while building a network of students from 2500+ Indian and 500+ overseas universities. They are rewarded for carrying out their obligations and encouraged to continue to work on improving their own talents. The role of the CAs is more crucial than ever before as Techfest celebrates its silver jubilee this year, and this is a terrific opportunity for us all to work together to make the 25th Techfest a huge success.

Internship Responsibilities:

  • Represent Techfest at your campus and serve as a liaison between your college’s students and Techfest.
  • Develop, plan, organise, and promote Techfest events using multiple methods and channels.
  • To increase student participation, devise and test novel marketing and publicity tactics.
  • Participate in talks with the other CAs and the Techfest Coordinators to help the fest come up with new ideas.

Learning Possibilities:

  • As a college representative, you develop your image, mentor students, and people management skills.
  • Always thinking outside the box, you come up with innovative ideas and time-saving methods for completing your responsibilities.
  • Socialize: As a member of a global student community, you’ll meet and interact with a diverse group of people who share your interests.
  • Grow: The tasks are designed to help you enhance your soft skills, marketing skills, public relations skills, social media management skills, and niche hard abilities.
  • Working in a professional setting allows you to understand work ethics and prepare for future career chances.Engage: Doing regular tasks keeps your mind busy and keeps you informed about new trends and chances for growth.

Incentives and Rewards:

  • Performance-related rewards based on a CA’s points and ranking
  • Internships, free courses, discount vouchers, free workshops, products, letters of recommendation, and other incentives are available.
  • IIT Bombay’s Techfest issued a certificate of completion.

Qualification: To be eligible, all you need is to be a College student and a whole lot of enthusiasm. That is all that is required.

What are the important dates & deadlines?

  • dates31 Jan’22 12:00 AM IST Application Deadline

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