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Hello Tech Enthusiasts, if you are looking for any online Internship Program, if you are looking for any valuable and virtual experience program, if you want to advanced your technical skills, digital skills, willing to know more about agile methods and technology, then you are at the right post. This is an amazing and outstanding opportunity from Cognizant in collaboration with Forage, a virtual online platform, education portal, or learning portal that provides the best content and knowledge about different modern technology and methods, always releases virtual experience programs for students in different digital technology.

About this Virtual Experience Program

Cognizant, Ready, Set, Agile, a virtual experience program, from Cognizant. This is a free virtual online internship program by Cognizant, cts internship 2021 for all students. In this program, you will learn about various agile methodology, agile software development, agile project management, safe agile, agile testing, agile development, agile scrum, agile principles, agile estimation techniques, agile process, agile model in software engineering, agile framework. At the end of the session, you will get to know about What is Agile Methodology? Which agile approach helps teams improve their project cycle time by considering team capacity? and a lot more.

Get ready to Agile! Gain valuable knowledge about our agile methodology in our Virtual Experience Program.

  • This Virtual Experience Program is free for all students
  • This program is self-paced. It takes 5-6 hours to complete this Virtual Experience Program
  • Get practical skills and experience from Cognizant

Why join this Virtual Experience Program?

Business and technology have never moved at such a breakneck pace. The possibility to create innovative customer experiences and introduce new digital-based business models has never been higher. This could need condensing years of change into months.

We help modern businesses achieve agility in an increasingly digital world at Cognizant. We create and test new goods to see what works and how we might expand. We put ideas to the test, take comments into account, and figure out how to grow goods rapidly and effectively.

Our Agile technique is an iterative project management and software development methodology that enables teams to provide value to clients faster and with fewer headaches. An agile team delivers work in tiny, digestible increments rather than relying on a “big bang” launch.

Agile fosters flexibility, adaptation, and experimentation. Look no further if you enjoy working in an environment where you are pushed to push yourself to new heights and find better ways to do things.

Perks & Benefits of this Ready, Set, Agile! Virtual Experience Program

Earn a Certificate🧾🧾📑

Do it in your own time⏲⏲

Learn directly from Cognizant🔑🔑

Be seen by Cognizant (Increases your chances to be hired by Conizant)🎯🎯

Discover if this career is for you⭐⭐

What you will Gain and Learn from this Cognizant Program?

Waterfall vs Agile

User Stories

Role Assignments and Ceremonies

Agile Tools and Concepts

Agile Curve Balls

Agile Methodology Review and Additional Resources

This is a self-paced program of 5-6 hours approximately and there is no time-bound to complete or join this program. You can join anytime at your pace. Enhance your skills and knowledge by joining this virtual program for free. You have an opportunity to gain knowledge from one of the reputed and well-esteemed company and have a chance to become a part of Cognizant. Everyone should apply for it. Apply Link is given below.

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