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About CodeX
  • CodeX is open to everyone to participate. All CodeX rewards are also open to all participants, but scholarships and access to the Scaler Academy program are limited to practicing professionals only. College students who graduate in 2021 or later are not eligible for scholarships and examinations to join Scaler Academy
    Scaler will be verifying the ownership of all rankers before finalizing the winners. This process can take up to four weeks
  • The webcam is mandatory for this test. Without a webcam you will not be allowed to test
  • The minimum internet bandwidth required to try the test is 500 kbps
  • Anyone caught engaging in cheating before, during or after the competition will be excluded and will not be eligible to receive any prizes
  • To be eligible for a scholarship, a participant must obtain at least a cut point in CodeX and become an active professional. College students who graduate in 2021 or later do not qualify for a scholarship and join Scaler Academy. Engineers with a 2020 or earlier undergraduate degree are considered to be operational
    On the basis of the end of the percentage test, specialists working to clear the minimum cut-off will not be allowed to appear in the Scaler Academy entry exam
  • By winning a scholarship to CodeX as a practicing professional, you automatically qualify for any other scholarships offered by the scaler academy during the admission process.
    Participants who try to compete in the study mode, do not qualify for funding, bursaries and other rewardsThe
  • Scaler team will spend time and resources evaluating the performance of the winners. The decision of the Scaler CodeX team is final and irrevocable. Nothing different will be enjoyed
  • You can retry the test in reading mode over and over again after appearing in competitive mode. However, the set of questions will remain the same
  • The transfer window will remain open until 8 PM, 11th April 2021, until the competitive mode ends

Scaler CodeX is a pan-India coding competition for software developers. Has something for everyone –

  • High-quality practice
  • Opportunity to learn and improve
  • Exciting prizes, bragging rights, and more!

Wait for me to get out of it
For all participants
Practice – Advanced questions on important topics that are often discussed
Get better – Performance analysis where you need to get better and how to get there
Get Guided – Phone Counseling To Understand How Scaler Can Help You And Progress
Top players

Earn Rewards – Money, students and sales worth more than 70 Lakhs
Note – Top ranker profiles are distributed among employer’s rented partners
Get guidance – Top positions get a consultation session with our founders or one of our most experienced advisors from the Scaler Academy platform
Get access – The most professional professional players go straight into the Academy program. College students are not eligible for scholarships and enrollment at Scaler Academy – please see the “About CodeX” section below for more details.
For women’s codes

Under CodeX-For-Her, we have exciting and rewarding events designed exclusively for women codes as part of Scaler Enter, a Scaler program that aims to improve women’s participation in Indian technology staff!
Attend special fire talks with inspiring female artists, as they share with us their experiences and lessons in managing aspirations and expectations, breaking the glass roof and painting their paths.
High-performing athletes get sponsored students from leading technology firms, the opportunity to be trained by top female leaders and the opportunity to be strongly promoted by potential employers. College students are not eligible for scholarships and enrollment at Scaler Academy – please refer to “About CodeX”

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