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About the Course

Beauty and Cosmetology is one of the industries that is hardly affected by the recession or economic downturn. The industry is booming all over the world as everyone wants to look good not only to boost their self-esteem but to express themselves well among their peers. To make this happen, beauticians, cosmetologists, and beauty professionals are needed.

Participants learn to cut and type human hair, keep light on their face, give hair and face spas, hair color, make-up and makeup, etc. There are various programs that cover different aspects of beauty care such as herbal, ayurvedic, etc.


There are several career options in this field and baptismal candidates can work in professional salons, lounges, beauty centers, etc. Beauty professionals at beauty centers are needed to train budding beauticians. After gaining experience, professionals can resume their beauty salons

You will get

Completing this free course takes less than an hour to earn you a portfolio-ready certificate that demonstrates your commitment to infection control in salons, spas, and barbershops.

After passing the course, you will have the option to quickly print your portfolio-appropriate certificate with your name on it. Good luck to you!

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