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Hello Aspirants, Google I / O is back in 2021, where you can get a different understanding related to all the Google Apps, Latest Technology Trends. Due to the Covid-19 epidemic this year, Google has decided to make the event almost.


It is almost a week before Google IO 2021 launches on May 18, and it is a long-awaited event after the 2020 event was canceled due to the epidemic. As Apple’s WWDC 2021 will be, it’s only online, but as long as you want to see every new product and software proves to be okay.

While we don’t know for sure, we’ll probably see Android 12, and hopefully, Pixel 5a, as well as Pixel Watch, a new Home Hub, Wear OS updates, Pixel Buds A, and maybe more.

The keyword event begins on May 18, and is free to broadcast. That is followed by a few days of developer conferences, which will be a little dry for regular phone fans, but may be of interest to some of you. If you want to ‘go’, you can sign up for free on the Google event page.

… and we’re back 🙂 Join us on May 18-20 for #GoogleIO live, online, and free for everyone. 7, 2021

We will not officially know until May 18 what Google intends to showcase, but we may be able to disclose details based on rumors and leaks from Google. Below, we will predict the Google hardware and software lineup of Google IO 2021, and explain how the visual event will work.

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Cut to the chase

  • What’s going on? Google’s annual developer conference
  • When? May 18-May 20, 2021
  • Where? Only online
  • How do I register / how much does it cost? On the Google event page for free; all you need is a Google Account

What are the dates of Google IO 2021?
Google has announced that its engineering conference will take place from Tuesday, May 18 to Thursday, May 20. Google regularly organizes its annual three-day conference in mid-May, making these days available to corporate companies.

Why is Google IO only online?
Google has canceled the May 2020 event in early March 2020, when the epidemic arrives when everyone has started taking refuge in their area and live events feel unsafe. It appeared that the reconstruction of IO as a visual event with a short notice was not possible at the time, although events held later in the year such as the Apple WWDC 2020 were quickly transformed into online presentations only.

Google usually has the Google IO key name and future developer sessions at physical circles at the Shorineline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California, where the COVID-19 limits for major events (but not the mask) will rise in mid-June.

While Google wants to deal with a fully-fledged event or look at vaccination cards that were present, it will not want to delay the event for a month and may disrupt their hardware release schedules. Also, the company may have been editing it in an online format only for months.

How will Google IO 2021 work

Many regular Google users associate Google IO with a keyword, which flows through the internet for anyone to view. But over the years you can also buy a world to go to Google developer sessions, new product demos, codelabs, and other professional or hobbyists events.

This year, all those events will be visible and free. Most people can go without travel expenses or exceeding $ 1,000 +, but the benefits of in-person events – such as making industry connections or exploring new Google hardware – will be hard to replicate remotely.

Some Google IO 2021 events will be free for everyone and will come back if needed, such as a keyword. Some will require you to place a slot and may have limited (virtual) power.

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Google will unveil the official event plan by the end of April. Until then, here is how Google describes the upcoming Google IO events:

‘Consumer keywords for consumers and engineers focus on company and product issues and can be viewed as needed.’
‘Technology moments focus on product announcements and how you can use new features. Sessions will be scheduled throughout the three-day event and will be available if needed. ‘
Workshops and Ask Me Anything Sessions (AMAs) work together and should be set aside for participation. Instructor-directed workshops promote Q&A, while AMAs are an opportunity to ask Google product experts questions. ‘
‘Meetups are unique, open, and user-friendly forums hosted by Google that enable attendees to communicate. Registration and booking required. ‘
‘Collaborative Sandboxes are available in I / O Adventure, which enables developers to experiment with new Google products and features on their own.’
‘Codelabs and learning modes are always open, self-guided information that helps you use Google technology.’
Interactive sandboxes appear to be Google’s way of mimicking the testing of Google’s hardware hardware. Well, a visual sandbox mask how the devices will work themselves, but it may be the best Google can do without sending model maps to travelers around the world.

What to expect from Google IO 2021
Based on the annual product calendar and Google software, as well as all the leaks and rumors about it, we have a general idea of ​​what Sundar Photosi and Google executives will discuss during the keynote address of Google IO 2021.

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Reading Lab
Codelabs and learning modes are always open, a self-guided learning experience that helps you use Google technology. Also, you can earn Google Developer Profile badges by completing these courses.

Important dates for Google I / O 2021
-The event will last for three days namely May 18, 19 May, 20 May

For more information you can watch the video,

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