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Hello Friends, Welcome to courseandjobs.com. Today we come along with a wonderful opportunity to become a pro in Python or become a programmer or developer in python.

Nowadays, Python is the most demanding programming skill that everyone should learn. As Python is the only key to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning is like an in-demand technology stack. For the ease of our life, these AI, and ML technologies help in our daily life to get work done with less effort without the help of an external workforce.

So, Python is a necessity in every programmer’s life, or in software engineer’s life.

#AnyoneCanCode: Python Essentials 1

The Cisco Networking Academy is hosting an event using the hashtag #AnyoneCanCode to promote learning and employment opportunities that are available through Python. Learners who participate in this activity are eligible for a variety of exciting prizes.

Highlights Of this Python Programme

Jul 01, 2022 – Oct 29, 2022

SFA Public Academy

Ana Makhlouf, +1

Major Highlights & Rewards For Students/Learners/Participants

  • By finishing this course, you may get ready for our #AnyoneCanCode event that will be held on July 14.
  • Winners will be selected from the first three students who successfully finish the course.
  • The first two hundred people to register will receive vouchers for Python Institute certifications.
  • The giveaway will conclude on August 15, 2022.

Some Views On Python Essentials In Industry

  • Python is employed by both new businesses and established ones in the tech industry because it provides a platform with limitless potential for the development of both small and large-scale software applications.
  • Python is an excellent language to learn as a first programming language because it does not require any prior experience of programming.
  • If you have experience with Python, you can pursue rewarding opportunities in higher-paying software development and engineering roles.

Designed in conjunction with the opening Python Institute, this course not only prepares you for the PCEP – Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer certification, but also prepares you for the course itself (Exam PCEP-30-0x).

Course Curriculum

  • This Python Course For Beginners is completely Free of cost for every learner, just need dedication, and consistency for completing this course. No purchase is required, anytime.
  • The estimated time to complete is 30 hours approx. but you need to finish it in your time.
  • 30 Labs are there and various Hands-on activities to practice real-world scenarios.
  • This course or python tutorial is Beginner friendly course, anyone can enroll and complete this course and win prizes and rewards.
  • This course will be provided in the English language.

Opportunity is knocking to your door, you just need to grab it!

For more Understanding, you can follow the below video:

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