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Banking and Finance Free Certificate

Banking and finance explore the dynamic, fast-paced world of finance, stocks, debt, and investment. Finance is an important part of our economy as it provides for the payment of cash or goods needed for individuals and businesses to invest in the future.

When choosing a major banking and financial transaction you will evaluate the sound movement and sound financial management. For firms, financial services ensure that operations are funded equitably or on credit, and firms can opt for a value-added project and manage cash flow, risk, and cash flow for their stakeholders. Financial markets are very important and understanding the prices of commodities and derivatives is important.

Financial intermediaries such as banks are major players in these financial markets. Banking is also a global industry with more than 60 banks operating across Australia and thousands of investment centers and houses around the world that specialize in money laundering, debt, investment, finance, financial management, and more. Finance is constantly changing which makes this story an interesting place to read.

NEP Certificate

The NEP is a comprehensive framework to guide the development of education in the country. The need for a policy was first felt in 1964 when Congress Congressman Siddheshwar Prasad criticized the then government for lack of education and philosophy. That same year, the 17-member Education Commission, chaired by the then UGC Chairman D S Kothari, was set up to draft an integrated national education policy. In line with the Commission’s recommendations, Parliament passed the first education policy in 1968.

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