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Hello Everyone, this post is to inform you about the Free Webinar of Yuwaah Voices & Vision. With the advancement of technology, Young Warriors helps to enhance our technology more and more with their lateral thinking skills and making India more digital by learning digital skills and modern technology/future technology. They are implementing more and more towards making our society digital. They are doing innovations and discovering new emerging technologies. So, this webinar is an amazing opportunity to learn more about innovations and the latest technologies.

About the UNICEF & AICTE Free Certificate

Students from the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and the University Grants Commission (UGC) are invited to join YuWaah, UNICEF, and other partners as Young Warriors to help our community battle COVID19.
You are a Warrior of Youth! As we combat the pandemic together, your participation is reassuring and promising.

Salvation intends to give young people the opportunity to create cogent, flexible, and effective measures to promote COVID19 acceptable behaviour in their peer networks and communities. The pandemic has pushed the globe to pause and reconsider our current course and re-evaluate the strategies for dealing with unusual conditions. Young Warriors, we believe, are the finest candidates for this post because they are tomorrow’s leaders.

Students from colleges and institutions across India are urged to register as individuals or teams and offer their suggestions for how to best enforce Covid-19 proper behaviour.

In the Solvathon

A winning certificate will be given to the top 25 proposals.

A participation certificate will be given to all participants who provide a relevant solution.

All attendees will participate in our Design Thinking Webinar, covering best practices for presenting creative and inventive solutions to problem statements.

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Artists Unite!

Young Warriors will be engaged, incubated, and given a platform for self-expression through art through Artists Unite. Young people will have the opportunity to express and magnify their voices through musical poetry ‘Open Mic’ in this hybrid space.

COVID19 has had a variety of effects on our society, including a toll on individual and community physical and emotional health. This safe area will help people understand the pandemic’s major ideas and direct their attention to the significance of mental health. It will educate young people about social-behavioural changes and help them develop 21st-century and socio-emotional abilities such as creativity, empathy, and problem-solving.

Artists Unite provides the following services:

Opportunity to be a part of a group that stands together on important topics.

An opportunity to showcase your abilities and aptitude on a national stage

A participation certificate will be given to all attendees.

We encourage you to take part in the LIVE Sessions and use art to become a voice for change.

Register for YuWaah Echoes

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SWASTIK has teamed with AICTE as part of the Young Warrior Program to conduct a tiered quiz on “What is COVID-19?” “How to prevent COVID-19?” “What to do when COVID-19?” and “How to manage your health and well-being during COVID-19?” as part of the Young Warrior Knowledge Hub.

This interactive team quiz challenge intends to engage young people worldwide in combating COVID-19 by providing them with reliable information.

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