KPMG Ideation Challenge 2021 | Exciting Cash Prizes | Prizes Upto 5,00000

Overview Of KPMG Ideation Challenge

The KPMG Ideation Challenge (KIC) is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to push your boundaries and test what you think is achievable.

You will be given the opportunity to come up with a novel concept that has the potential to transform the world, develop a prototype, and then present it to business executives. You’ll collaborate with data scientists, coders, business specialists, and IT gurus from KPMG member firms along the road to help bring your idea to life.

Now is the time to get involved and learn from the professionals. Work with a dream team of people. Make a compelling pitch. Meet incredible folks from all across the world. The more you advance, the more real-world experience you may obtain.

About the Challenge

  • This year, we’re asking participants to develop an advanced solution that aids in the decarbonization of an organization/industry of their choice, as well as the world at large, and makes the world a better place.
  • Assume you’re part of a group of innovators who want to use this expertise to help the world grow. This is your opportunity to present your business idea to a venture capitalist in the hopes of receiving funds to bring your product to market.

Eligibility Criteria & Team Formation Guidelines

  • Each team must include four to six people who are actively enrolled in college.
  • Your team should include a mix of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and business students.
  • A minimum of one male and one female team member is required for each team. Different teams, according to KPMG, are more successful at delivering diverse solutions. Teams comprised of persons from various disciplines (STEM + Business) as well as genders will be preferred and have an edge in any situation where there is a tie.
  • All members of the team should be enrolled in a full-time undergraduate/degree/post-graduate bachelor’s programme and have at least one year left to complete their studies.
  • The idea/solution must use sophisticated technology, data and analytics, cognitive approaches, and be scalable into a prototype and a business model/case to qualify.
  • Teams with different specialisations are welcome to compete.
  • Teams from different years are permitted.
  • A participant cannot be a part of more than one team at the same time.
  • Any violation from the above-mentioned guidelines will result in the entire team being disqualified.

Rewards & Prizes

  • Winning INR4 lakh and the renowned title of ‘Team India’ will allow you to compete in international finals against teams from all around the world. The second-placed team in the India finals will receive INR 2 lakh.
  • Top two teams from the national finals will be guaranteed an internship with KPMG in India.
  • Opportunity to attend a networking event with leaders from start-ups and the industry in Delhi/Gurgaon. In India, KPMG sponsored my travel and lodging.
  • Teams with interesting concepts uncovered in the 2021 KIC will receive ongoing mentoring from KPMG professionals in India, as well as access to channels for presenting their ideas to venture capitalists.
  • For winning the global finals, you might receive a cash award of up to USD6000 (plus gift cards of USD1000 each participant).

Here’s how you go about doing it:

  • Choose a customer from any industry to work with.
  • Consider your alternative. This could be anything from a business concept to a decarbonization activity, model, method, technology, or service that your client implements.
  • Remember that your idea will form your experience, so anticipate it to be anything but conventional.

Competition Structure:

Step 1 – Team Introduction Video Submission

Step 2 – Mentorship Sessions

Step 3 – Virtual Prelims

Step 4 – Virtual Semi-Finals

Step 5 – Virtual National Finale

Step 6 – Virtual Celebratory and Networking Event

Registration Deadline:- 04th December 2021 06:00 AM IST

What are the benefits to you?

Learning and internships, as well as PPOs and PPIs:

  • A platform for developing sophisticated technological solutions that include data, analytics, robots, and artificial intelligence (AI) into a commercial environment.
  • Chance to solve real-life customer challenges alongside professionals from KPMG member firms throughout the world, and to present your successful business model/prototype to the national final.
  • Working in a diversified team with KPMG in India experts from the advisory practise and developing crucial business acumen and expertise. It’s a chance to put yourself in a position to succeed!
  • Throughout the competition, constant coaching and guidance from KPMG in India specialists would result in the growth of your solution, consulting abilities, and experience of what life is like at KPMG in India.
  • Learn about the kind of work we undertake and how you can apply for a position with KPMG in India — A chance to see if your interests and skills are best suited to a particular field.
  • A chance to be considered for a KPMG pre-placement interview or offer in India.

Participate in this KPMG Ideation Challenge 2021 to get real-time experience and enhance your knowledge and skills. Get Free Mentorship and learn about different new and latest or future technologies from top recruiters, top industry experts, and many more.

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