Google Cloud Community Days India

Guys you can avail the opportunity to persuade a free course of GDC.  This post is about to inform you about that google cloud has launched  two days workshop (#GoogleCloudCommunityDaysIndia) and under which you have to complete the specific task like watching the video etc. to get the rewards. This course will start from January 22-23 2021 and you have to register before at least 2 days.

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Google Cloud Community Days INDIA

The main objective of this is an opportunity to learn about Cloud Technology and Google Cloud Certifications from the industry experts at the Cloud Community Day India 2021.

One of the experts will let you know about that how Google Cloud Platform and Google Cloud Certification can help in accelerating your career by boosting your knowledge. During these 2 days, you have the opportunity to win exciting prizes.

Major things:

  • Enroll into the challenge with the given code and earn the skill badge by January  2021

  • Share your badge or certificate on LinkedIn with #GoogleCloudCommunityDaysIndia

  • Qwiklabs credits for all the participants who register with us.
  • Some participants also stand a unique chance to get Google Cloud Certifications sponsored!
  • We shall also reveal job openings with few Google Cloud partner companies at the event!!
  • There are amazing swags and certificates of participation planned for you!

We did a survey and found that over 69% of people have never done a Google Cloud certification. Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect is the highest paying certification and the industry has a huge demand for them. We’d like to help you with your professional journeys. This event welcomes everyone – folks who are looking for job opportunities or looking for a change in domains or for someone who’s keen on understanding how Google Cloud works.

Whether you’re a DevOps Engineer, an application developer, or a data scientist, there’s ample content for everyone:

  • Learn, practice, and prepare for Google Cloud certifications. Win certification vouchers and swags as you learn.
  • Join a panel of industry experts and understand what your career beholds you with Google Cloud certifications.
  • Be a part of the largest community of Google Cloud professionals and practitioners

Free workshop by Google

1.Major Highlights :-
– The workshop will be a complete live session
– It will enrich your practical knowledge
– You can gain knowledge from industrial experts
– You can also attend some panel discussion
– Certificate of completion will be provided to all the students

2.Why to attend :-
– To get adequate and brief knowledge about Google Cloud and how to transform your new start up with the help of google cloud
– You can also get expert knowledge the various speakers in 2 days with just one clicks you will learn many things

3.Who should attend :-
– Whose aim is to start a start-up and scale your business with Google Cloud Community Day and all
– Those who want to transform and accelerate your business with the help of google cloud can join and enjoy its benefit. whether you are a fresher or experienced person both can join and avail its benefits


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