Engineering Workshop Certificate | Government Quiz Certificate

Engineering Workshop Certificate

you have seen that Engineering Drawing is a standard lab for all Engineering understudies, comparatively Engineering Workshop is additionally a standard lab for all parts of Engineering.

Government Quiz

Manipur, India, is situated in the upper east of the country. The boundary of India is Nagaland in the north, Assam in the west, Mizoram in the southwest and Myanmar (Burma) in the south and east. Like other northeastern states, it is normal all through India. The name Manipur signifies “place where there is gemstones.” Its economy depends on farming and ranger service, and the business and house ventures are additionally significant. The state capital is Imphal, situated in the core of the country. Manipur in a real sense signifies, “the universe of jeweled”. The lovely landscape is notable for its way of life, dance structures, music and expound food. The vast majority of the realm is covered with woodlands, which are home to uncommon plant and creature species.

MyGov Manipur’s “Know Your State Quiz” is a move by MyGov Manipur and the Department of Information Technology to praise a little yet lovely country.

Take part in a test to test your insight into our nation Manipur.


Declaration E: “Endorsement of Participation” will be given to all members.

A monetary reward of Rs. 2000 every one of the best five champs.

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