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Develop your clinical skills, and self-esteem with these free online continuing education resources
The only thing that’s constant in life is change. In particular, health and social care. No matter if you are new to the experience, or have an established career, it can be very difficult for you to keep up with the latest developments in the field of research and clinical practice.

Embodia is regularly hosts webinars by leading health care professionals. The speech is never a dull moment, and the teachers do not shy away from difficult topics. Often, our webinars are quite popular among practitioners in all areas of the health and social care.

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A convenient wrapping up of the demonstration includes the K-taping methods, which are indicated below on the state of women’s health. Muscle-technology way to relax and stimulate muscles. Does the stabilization program, is used to support the joints and tendons, as well as for the relief of pain and the trigger points. The methods for the function of correction and the fascial correction can be applied in order to address women’s health disorders, such as non-stream. Lymphatic drainage techniques have been proven to provide the health care provider of relief during the period of pregnancy, the post-operative period, and in the treatment of lymphedema.

The specific items of the film is to show the following values:

To change the technique for sacroiliac joint syndrome
The ligaments of technology for the treatment of menstrual cramps
Seal-the Scars of the c-section, with duct tape

There are important knowledge gaps that exist in the learning process, as well as the underlying principles of adult learning. Education and training for the moment, the intervention is considered to play an important role in helping people with complex and enduring the pain.

This course will have a Q & A with Michael Patterson, and Jeff Bostic, in which the clinician has the opportunity to ask questions about the science, about the pain and the application of pain-the training of clinical practice. This is a unique opportunity to connect and hear from two of the fields of physiotherapy and health care professionals to talk about their perspectives and to the introduction of pain-the training.

This is a one-hour free course for all medical professionals dealing with dealing with pain.

This program is for you if you can answer yes to the following questions:
Make your patients who are suffering from diseases that are related to, and / or the choice of a way of life that hinder their progress with you?
Have you ever felt so frustrated, emotional, hydrated, or are sick and tired of being compassionate during the course of your career?
If you want to know exactly how lifestyle choices affect clinical outcomes?
Do you want to learn how to use the power of the medical, physical activity, in order to ensure that your patients will be followed?
The first thing to recognize is if you can answer positively to any of these questions, that is, the current health-care system is designed to treat the symptoms of the underlying problem. We are in need of a new approach for implementing a biopsychosocial model of health. The integration of Lifestyle Medicine & Medical Therapeutic Yoga is the solution.

Integrative Lifestyle Medicine as a Model, as practiced through the lens of the Medical Therapeutic Yoga is a durable, low-tech, low-cost, and require little space or equipment.

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